Friday, September 14, 2012

Vacation Day 3

After a quick trip to Value Village (it was 50% off day!) it was time to leave Tacoma :( It was hard to say goodbye to our friends, but we are already scheming up our next visit (The Hobbit......)
All the kiddos together!

Mount Rainier

We left Tacoma and drove down I-5 a few miles to Camp Lewis to see some old friends from Grants Pass.
They sponsored us getting onto the base (Dillon is in the Air Force) and we headed to the playground. The kids had lots of fun playing while the adults chatted and visited. It was SO nice to see them again!!
Xander laughing his head off in the swing!

Gabriella driving the Army truck!

Courtney taking Gabriella and Xander into the sprinkler part of the park. It was SO cool!

After about an hour it was naptime and we hit the road, southern bound for Portland. 
Just a little bored while Matt was driving....

Little cutie pie!
We pulled into Portland and couponed our dinner at Red Robin. I had an amazing salad and Matt had a hamburger with a gluten-free bun. Gabriella ate an entire grilled cheese sandwich, fruit cup and french fries. She was apparently the most hungry!
Love me some salad!!

We had a few hours before we were scheduled to get to my Great Aunt Esther's house so we headed down the street to the Loyd Center Mall. Well, unfortunately it was after 6pm and everything was closed except the ice skating rink and the major clothing stores. We used the bathroom and then watched the ice skaters. Gabriella LOVED it!

We piled back in the car and drove to Aunt Esther's house. It was great to see her and Bill. I haven't seen them for a few years and they had never met Matt. So it was fun to see their house, garden and catch up.

By then it was bedtime and we were all exhausted!

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