Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer Vacation: Day 1

Matt came home from work and went straight to bed (after dinner and a haircut) on Friday evening. I had the daunting task of keeping both kids up and quiet till midnight! We survived (barely) and hit the road at 11:55pm. 

Matt took the first shift of driving and we made it til 2:30 before Xander woke up to eat. I nursed him and then we put him back in the car seat. He woke up and screamed and cried. We pulled over at the next exit and I held him for about 45 minutes to calm him down and let him get good and crashed out. Back in the carseat he went and we continued down the road. We stopped again at 6 for gas, a bathroom break, to feed Xander again and switch drivers. 

I drove the last little bit and we made it to Emily & Ryan's house in Tacoma, WA. at 7:55 am Saturday morning. Traveling through the night with kids was the best way to do it! 

A market in Tacoma that made us think of Phil & Jill Moschella!

Gabriella was SO happy to get out of the car and get to play with a whole bunch of new toys. 

We visited for a little while and then got a picnic lunch ready and headed to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. 

Ryan and Victory ready to hit the zoo after a tasty picnic!
(I've never had grilled peppers before, but now I'm hooked!)

 Gabriella and daddy looking at the shark tank.
 Gabriella and Victory looking at the seals

Gabriella and Daddy outside the Polar Bear exhibit

Matt, Gabriella, Ryan and Victory seeing how they measure up to a polar bear!

Time for a nursing break!
(I don't even know what Gabriella is doing in this picture. Sometimes I have no words for my silly girl!)

Gabriella really wanted to ride the camels. I expected her to freak out and get scared when we got up there, but she did great and climbed right up on him. It was lots of fun! I didn't mind that she was too little to ride by herself!

Me and Gabriella by the tiger. It was fun to see it so close!

Pointing at a lion fish in the aquarium. 
(When I was in Mozambique and snorkeling, I saw one of these close up. Yikes!)

Gabriella looking at the giant walrus! (Ryan told us that it weighed 1300 pounds!)
When it came right up to the window, it popped up out of the water and startled her. She started trying to run away from it! 

We had SO much fun at the zoo!
Afterwards we headed home and had some more delicious food! Some yummy chicken, fresh greens from their backyard garden, and homemade french fries. 

The kids went to bed early but we grown ups stayed up till midnight talking. It was so fun to see Emily again. Its been 8 years since we were in college together and I had never met Ryan or Victory. So so fun!!

We finally drug ourselves to bed so we would be ready for the next day. 

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