Thursday, February 27, 2014

All Natural 4 ingredient ~ completely edible ~ Dishwasher powder

Now that we are in a place with a dishwasher that actually works (finally!), Gabriella and I decided to make some of our own dishwasher powder.

Every ingredient in our homemade version is edible (not that you would want to eat it) but it is nice to know that any residue that might get left on your dishes will not make you or your family sick.

Here are the four (yes, only 4) ingredients you will need:
1 cup Baking Soda (the grease cutter)
1 cup Super Washing Soda (the cleaning agent)
1 cup Salt (cuts build-up on dishes and dishwasher)
The juice from one lemon (antibacterial and wonderful smelling!)

Pour all three powdered ingredients into a bowl and let your assistant stir them while you juice the lemon

When the lemon is juiced, pour the juice on in. It fizzes and is very fun to watch and listen to.

Then keep stirring and breaking up the clumps made by the lemon juice until it is completely mixed together.  

I poured all of mine into a quart sized mason jar with a bpa-free lid. Really any leftover glass jar with a lid will work.

To use it: spoon 1 tablespoon into the soap holder in your dishwasher, then run as you usually would. So far I have used it on 10 loads, including pots and pans, my juicer parts and food processor parts. It works like a champ!! 

*Note: I have a decent dishwasher and do not pre-rinse or scrub my dishes before putting them in. If your dishwasher isn't as good of quality or you need to pre-rinse before putting dishes in, then do so. This detergent is to be used the same way you would use any other dishwasher detergent but the state of your dishes when putting them in the dishwasher varies by model. 

Let's break down the cost now:
Commercial Dishwasher detergent, the cheapest I could find online was for Walmart's store brand that is loaded with phosphates and other chemicals that difficult to pronounce. It was $3.22 for a 75 ounce box, that is 75 loads (because it recommends filling your soap dispenser completely which takes 2 tablespoons). Which comes out as $0.043 or 4.3 cents per load.

Homemade will cost you:
$0.20 for a lemon
$0.19 for a cup of salt
$0.47 for a cup of super washing soda
$0.28 for a cup of baking soda
For a grand total of: $1.14 for 48 loads or..... $0.023 or 2.3 cents per load!

Not only is it half the price, it works just as well and doesn't bring any nasty chemicals into your house!!


  1. This is interesting. I just might give this a try! What aisle is the "Super Washing Soda" on? I don't think I have ever seen it before.

  2. It is usually on the laundry aisle. I found it there at Walmart.