Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow snow snow!!

We looked outside last night while we were eating dinner and it was snowing!! I took the kids outside for a bit before bed because usually the snow we get in the Pacific Northwest melts pretty quickly.
By 10:30 this morning we had a solid 2 inches and the kids were asking to go play in it again.
We layered on the snow clothes (poor Xander had to wear Gabriella's old hand me down pink suit), grabbed our sled from the garage and walked two blocks to the local elementary school for some fun.

This morning out our front window

Getting ready to sled. 
It was the kids' first time sledding and they both LOVED it!!

Silly boy!

Sledding all by herself

Action shot of Matt and Xander sledding down the stairs. 

Silly boys!

Gabriella didn't want to wait for the sled so she slid down on her bottom multiple times

Family face prints in the snow

My two main men!

Me and my love!

Getting ready to slide down the snowy slide. 

Back home and laying in the snow because Gabriella wasn't ready to go inside yet. 


Me and Xander playing around.

Snowball fight with daddy!

Love how much they love playing together!!

Then we made some "snow ice cream" from snow and chocolate almond milk. 

Such a fun surprise to get so much snow!!! Whenever it snows I always think to myself, "Jesus loves me so much!". I was telling Gabriella about how the Bible says that Heaven has giant rooms that are full of snow. She said, "Yeah, and I want to play in the snow with Jesus!"

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