Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fun With Grammie and Hah-Ah!

My parents came up last weekend to celebrate Gabriella's 4th birthday with us. The got in really late Friday night so we put the kids to bed pretty quick and then we stayed up til 12:30 visiting!

Gabriella's Birthday breakfast
(Paleo cookies, bananas, raisins and coconut)

Mom and I rode in the very back seat of the van the whole time. We got bored!

At Ikea. This picture was for Jonathan!

Gabriella enjoying her birthday sundae from Red Robin at the Bellevue Square Mall. 

Lego Store!

At the Microsoft store together

Working on Gabriella's birthday cake. Usually I make a cake from scratch but I was behind this year. So I used a Pamela's gluten free cake mix. It wasn't half bad. This is showing how I made it a "money cake", a fun treat my mom always did for us when we were kids. Wrap some money in tin foil and layer it between the cake layers. 
The frosting was made from organic Spectrum all vegetable shortening and organic powdered sugar. 

All iced and decorated. 

Getting ready to open presents. 

Sunday morning we headed to the Outlet Collection in Auburn. Hah-Ah (aka Grampa) let Xander ride the moving train. Xander thought it was the best thing ever and cried and cried when we took him off. 

When we got home on Sunday, my mom and I made some organic lanolin-free lip balm. You can see my post here for how to make it yourself. 

Playing Gabriella's new lady-bug game. 

And reading books before bed time. 

Monday morning right after Grammie and Hah-Ah left. The kids are wearing their new to them jackets. It was a crazy busy weekend, and I think we spent more time in the car than doing anything else, but it was very nice to see my parents again. And very exciting to have a 4 year old! I love that crazy cat so much!!

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