Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

We went to our church's "12th Man Service" yesterday evening so we had a free Sunday morning to spend together. The sun was out and it was blue skies so we headed out for a walk after breakfast.

We walked to the local elementary school and played on the playground.  Then I showed Gabriella the track and told her that is where people run. She said, "let's race!" so off she and I went. She ran an entire 1/4 mile lap without stopping (I was shocked!!) then needed a quick sock fix before we headed out for another round. She ran 1/2 the loop before deciding to join daddy and Xander on the swings.  I think we have a future track star on our hands!!

We walked across the pedestrian bridge that goes over the freeway and then jumped in a few puddles on our way home.

Gabriella "helping" me make cookies. 

We put the kids down for a nap (they were both pooped) and started the Super Bowl pregame show. It was my most enjoyable Super Bowl party yet. Just the four of us. Xander yelling,  "Do Hee-haaw!" everytime Matt or I hollered at the tv. And during the halftime show Gabriella asked ," is football going to come back? ". I love that our kids love the game!! We are going to start saving up so we can take the kids to a home game next season.
We had a delicious all organic dinner (drumsticks with homemade bbq sauce, green beans and mashed golden potatoes). Plus some delicious non-gmo Maple Bacon chips and some raw coconut cookies I made. Yummers!!
Feeling very blessed to be a Seahwaks fan, for delicious and nutritious food (on a budget), sunny skies, living in the Seattle area, and most of all for my family!!

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