Monday, August 4, 2014

Gramma's 85th Birthday Bash

When we were down at my parents' house a few weeks ago we got to celebrate my Gramma's 85th birthday with her, and see some of my relatives I haven't seen since Christmas!

Here are a few highlights from the party...

Aunt Linda and Ariella enjoying some of the wild caught Pacific Salmon that Uncle Steve caught and Uncle Blake grilled.
I snagged this mug first to ensure I would be Gramma's favorite for the night ;) 
But its true, I do love my Gramma! I don't have the words to explain how much I love her and how much she meams to me! 
Gramma is one of the few adults to willingly sit at the kids table. On more than one occasion we got into trouble with her! Here she is with her great-grandchildren Zachary and Olivia.
Uncle Blake ended up with a bunch of kids at his table too: Xander, Gabriella, Kendra, James, Jonathan and Matt. 
James was done eating and ready to hit the pool! 

After three rounds of Ladderball, it was time for a trio of peach cobblers...
Listening to a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday!
Blowing out her candles and getting a little help from Gabriella. 
Xander was so happy to see Olivia!  We hadn't seen her since Christmas buy his little face lit up when he saw her. They were buddies all night! 

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