Monday, August 18, 2014

Parks and Rec

The kiddos and I are down in southern Oregon for the week visiting my parents. Which means lots of garden fresh organic produce, swimming time, hotter weather, and fun with family.

On Sunday we headed to one of the county parks for our former church's annual picnic and baptisms in the river.

Gabriella attempting the monkey bars. She never made it pass the first bar but it was the first time she has ever tried them by herself. 

Ariella getting pushed on the swings by Gramma. 

Throwing rocks in the river when we headed down for the baptisms. The grown ups were skipping the rocks and the kids were trying to make big splashes. 

I love this crazy cat!!

Me and my mom! Who doesn't love a good "us-ie" photo op?! 

During the baptisms I told Xander it wasn't okay to throw rocks in the river any longer. So he stood right on the bank and dropped handfuls of them in and said, "otay, me just drop them rocks in." Gotta love a creative thinker! 

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