Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birdie Rescue

Gabriella has trouble not sticking her Little People toys into her Elephant toy that shoots balls up in the air.

I guess she thinks they would enjoy the ride. Normally we keep the elephant toy out of reach and only let her play with it when she is being supervised. This morning she wanted it down to play with. I got it down and looked inside it, after fishing out two people, I saw a bird wedged tightly inside where my fingers and cooking tongs (my usual method of extraction) would not reach.

So, out came the screwdrivers (one for me and one for my helper of course) and we set to taking the toy apart.

About 15 screws later we were able to rescue the birdie that had been trapped inside. Gabriella couldn't wait long enough for me to take the picture before she wanted to play with it.

I would like to think she has learned her lesson, but I am thinking that the elephant will need more "surgical extractions" in the future....

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