Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Potty Training

I am determined not to have two littles in diapers at the same time, so yesterday was our first day of potty training. We went to the store last week and picked out panties (Gabriella saw the Dora ones and screamed, "Dora!" so that's what we got!)

We started after naptime (I had a couple appointments in the morning I couldn't change) and she was so excited to put on her panties and to take a picture to send to Daddy at work.
The picture is a little blurry, but you get the idea, she was totally excited!

By the time Daddy got home she only wanted him to take her potty each time. She loves him so much!

We went and sat on the toilet every 30 minutes from 4:15 until 8:45. During that time she didn't go in the toilet once, but she did manage to pee twice in our chair (luckily I had covered it with a towel first, and she let me know she had peed by saying, "uh-oh") and three times on the floor (saying, "Ewwwwww!").

We decided on a diaper overnight and now that breakfast is over its time for a bath and day 2 of panties. I hope she hits the toilet at least once today :)

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