Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cousin Fun!

We headed over to my mom's tonight to hang out with cousin James while Daddy stayed home to work on his homework. When James got into the house, Gabriella screamed to get away from Jonathan (who was holding her) and ran over to James. She gave him a giant hug and kiss and then shoved him with both hands. The two of them ran off into the livingroom and started into an all out wrestling match. James does a good job being gentle with her but I would like to note that she did manage to full on body slam him to the ground. I'm so proud of my tomboy princess!

After polishing off two bowls of lasagna, they were off playing again.
They have so much fun playing doctor with the little playset my mom got them at a garage sale. James ran around the table giving everyone "shots" and Gabriella enjoyed listening to people's heartbeats say "beep!"

Next it was time to play under the table in James' "car". Gabriella stepped on his head a few times and he was giving the car shots while they were driving. I love having kids at the same time as my siblings so that we can watch them play and laugh together!

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