Monday, August 1, 2011

Us Handy Girls!

Our vacuum cleaner has been smelling really bad lately so I used Google to see what could be causing it. The easiest answer was a belt problem. Gabriella and I inspected the underside of the vacuum cleaner (much to her delight) and found the code for the belt we needed. Then it was off for a trip to the vacuum store for a new one.

We got home and I laid the vacuum on top of the coffee table so I could see underneath it. Gabriella laughed with delight as she poked at it. We removed the faceplate and a HUGE pile of caked dust and dirt fell out all over the floor. Gabriella poked at it very carefully and then looked up at me and said, "bleh!"

Off came the old belt, we cleaned the spinner and then put the new belt on.
Gabriella was very helpful, she even managed to get one of the screws in the faceplate back into the same spot it came out of (she was watching very intently when I got daddy's screwdriver and took them out).  We turned it on and it worked like a champ, without the burning rubber smell! Hooray for handy-girls!!

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