Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chemo Round Two

Last Wednesday was my mom's second round of chemo. My sis-in-law was able to watch my kiddos so I headed over to Medford with mom and dad. 

Waiting to get started.
I can't believe how healthy mom looks still! Praise Jesus!!

We end up sitting there for several hours so we get pretty antsy. I took a picture of the snack that mom packed for me and sent it to Matt. 

Then dad wanted to send a picture to Matt of his snack too.  

Here's mom, about half-way through. We were watching Let's Make a Deal on tv together. 

Mom got done (after being there for 6 hours!) and we headed home. I hurried over to rescue Jessie from my two crazy cats!!

In the car on the way home Gabriella was yelling (cheerfully, not fit throwing), "I want to stay at Auntie Jessie's and play with Haylie!"

Xander on the other hand was laughing his head off cuz he was so happy to see me!
(He is quite the momma's boy)

After dinner the kids got their piggy banks down to put their quarters in that they found in their Easter eggs at Gramma and Grampa's house. 

(Gabriella likes to run around the house in as little clothing as possible. I realized after putting this picture in here that she looks quite naked. She is wearing underwear.)

I was really surprised how well Xander was able  to put his quarters in. It was his first time putting money in his bank (Matt and I had always put it in for him) and he put every single one in by himself. He didn't need any help at all. I never ceased to be amazed at how coordinated he is. 

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