Monday, April 15, 2013

Fun in the Garden

On Saturday it was surprisingly nice weather and we headed out to my parent's house to plant some seeds and visit with my family.

We went in to give the kids a bath after breakfast but Xander's bottle of baby wash had spilled and half the bottom of the tub was covered in it. I turned on the water and we had the hugest bubble bath ever! 

We rode out in Matt's new to him car with the windows down. Gabriella's hair was going crazy!

Silly Roo!

James picked a bunch of birdbill flowers and was very proud of them

Matt made a ramp for the kids to play cars on. They had a blast!

A big ol lizard my mom found

Jonathan was using the tractor to till up the garden and James got to drive for awhile.  

Gramma came out and was watering her roses. 
When I told Gabriella it was time to head up to the house to get lunch started she said, "Come on, great gramma, its time to go!"

Some lettuce starts we got from the Scotts (an awesome family from our church with an organic farm)

Two weeks ago Jonathan and April and James planted a bunch of chard, kale, lettuce, spinach, onions and carrot seeds. 

The other raised bed and strawberry plants behind it

Mom and I planted 4 types of tomatoes and three types of peppers in the greenhouse. 

Farmer Roo

Matt was installing a cold air intake valve on his car and James was "helping"

For lunch we roasted hotdogs and tried out mom's new fire-pit. It was a little smokey! We told April she must have been the most beautiful one there because no matter where she sat the smoke was blowing in her face!

Waiting for our hotdog!

A picture with no smoke!

Eating hotdogs!

We roasted a few marshmallows. Gabriella was super excited because she got to hold the roasting stick for the first time. 

About three minutes down the road on the way home she fell asleep holding her rice cake with almond butter. 

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