Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fun at Gramma's House!

Last week Xander finally got the "all clear" from his doctor and was free of pneumonia! Woo hoo!! We headed straight over to my mom's house because the kids hadn't seen her in forever! (two weeks!)

James was over for the day and the kids had a blast!

James wanted to eat his snack in the high chair like a baby. He crawled up in it and buckled himself in!

After lunch we headed outside to play in the sunshine

My silly girlie

Xander was so excited. He loves to be outside!

Playing with the lawnmower

Me and mom enjoying the sun!

He figured out how to crawl inside the cars

He loved it!

Traffic jam!

Silly James! 
I had him smile for a picture to send to his daddy and this is how he "smiled"

Our second attempt at a smile for daddy

James and Gabriella had fun in the wheelchair together!

Fun in the wheelchair

Gramma got a very pretty Easter flower from her prayer partner at church

Gramma taking Mucnhie for a ride

Mom taking James and Gabriella for a ride

Me and Grampa. We're twins!
Grampa said, "I was trying to figure out who that old man was in the picture, then I realized it was me!"

Another awesome pose for a picture to send to daddy

Mmmmmm, dinner! 
Mom and I sliced up a bunch of veggies and then stir-fried them. I made spring rolls with mine. Yummers!

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