Sunday, March 31, 2013

Resurrection Day

We woke up early this morning and got the kiddos up!

Gabriella being silly when she was looking in her Easter basket

Yep, still being silly. And Xander loved his Veggie Tales movie!

After a quick couponing trip we headed to church. 

Sleepy snuggles on daddy

Our family! 

Me and my dad!

Mom and I. Dad said we should take a picture with our glasses off so we humored him. 

Gabriella said, "now a picture of the girls. They are boys but we are girls!"

Mom and I were busy getting lunch ready and then Amy and Ariella showed up. 

A picture while Ariella was slicing veggies

Crazy picture!!

After some good laughs with Ariella, it was time for lunch. 
We tried something a little different and made our deviled eggs with plain organic greek yogurt instead of mayo. It had a sort of weird tang to it. Half of us liked it and the other half didn't. 

Xander LOVED his egg and yelled for more!

After lunch we celebrated Amy's birthday and then the kids hunted for Easter eggs filled with money!
We had to hunt inside because it was so rainy out. 

Gabriella and Ariella looking inside all their eggs. 

Mom and I switched wigs! 

Gabriella missed her nap today so she fell asleep after about 2 minutes in the car on the way home. She fell asleep holding the Happy Napper monkey that my parents had given her. 

It was a great Resurrection day. So nice to be with people we loved and just have some good laughs. 

Here is a little status update I shared on Facebook yesterday of something that happened Saturday night at our house that really humbled me and made me feel so blessed to be a parent:

Last night we sat the kids down and I talked to them about Easter and what it meant. After I explained about Jesus rising from the dead so we could live forever with Him in heaven, I told them that Jesus lives in Heaven and He can live in our hearts too. Gabriella closed her eyes, and said,"Jesus will You live in my heart? Okay." Her face turned bright red and her eyes lit up instantly. She got a huge smile on her face. I asked her if she could feel Jesus inside her and she nodded her head and laughed! We had talked about Jesus dying for all the bad things we do and how much He loves us. And she just asked Him into her heart. It was so awesome to get to watch the way she felt when He came to her as soon as she asked.

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