Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gabriella's First Sleepover with Cousins!

Last Friday morning we got up and ran an errand to town. Along the way we picked up some rose bushes to plant in our flower bed. 

Normally Xander loves being outside but since he was teething he was pretty fussy. 

Gabriella was very excited to help me plant!

Matt suggested inviting the girlie cousins over for a sleepover with Gabriella so he picked Chloe and Eliana up on his way home and Haylie met us at our house. 

The girls has lots of fun playing with "pollies" (aka. Polly Pockets)

Having some snuggles with Josie

I think Eliana spent more time snuggling with Josie than doing anything else. 

Having some popcorn and watching a movie before bed. 

The girls all sleeping in a big pile on the livingroom floor. 

Josie and Chloe snuggled up

They woke up early with LOTS of energy!

Uncle Matt is burried under all those blankets on the couch...

Chloe and I ran to a yard sale and we scored a Spiderman tricycle for Xander for $1! 
Gabriella said, "Xander is just taking me for a ride."

He couldn't figure out how to make it move by himself, but he sure had fun sitting on it. 

Chloe pushed him all around the house. 

Little People city in the livingroom

Phew! What a fun and long day! Everyone was tuckered out and we had an early bedtime!!

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