Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Polka Dot Party

About two weeks ago I got an idea from Pinterest and cut out some circles from craft foam that I had in my craft cupboard. They stick to the bathtub and the walls of my shower! Woo hoo! The kids LOVED it! 

Xander thought they were SO funny! He kept laughing and sticking them to the walls. 

Gabriella has fun making glasses out of them or pretend tacos. 

Here she is showing me the "eyes" that she made

They are still in our tub. I love how cheerful it makes it!
(we took a bath in our clothes two nights ago)

And while I was at it, another bathroom picture. 
Gabriella said, "Thank you for taking a picture of me!"


  1. Fun:) I cut out a bunch of shapes for Blaizen to make "monsters" in the bath and he thinks it's the funnest thing. Last time Joshua took a shower the wall was covered in monsters when he was done :) I love the polka dot idea for littler kids. No little eyes and noses to lose down the drain!

  2. Exactly! (or to eat!) I was thinking that flower petals, stems, leaves, etc would be fun too when they got a little older.