Monday, March 4, 2013

1st Haircuts

Matt wanted Xander's hair to get cut because it was starting to get all shaggy and hang over his ears. So I looked online, read a few tips on how to cut a little boy's hair and we got to it!

Getting ready to cut it!
(he was excited before we got started because he got to play with crayons)

All done and in the tub! 
I think it turned out pretty good (well, not to bad at least). It is a lot harder to cut a wiggly little kid's hair than to cut an adult's hair who can sit still and hold their head at the right angles!

While we were cutting Xander's hair Gabriella insisted that she wanted hers cut too. We had never cut hers before because it grew in a way that looked good still. 

Getting ready....

I asked her how she wanted it cut and she said, "short short shorter short!"

She was being pretty goofy so I had trouble getting a good picture of her hair after it was done. But it definitely turned out short and she really liked it! Such a cutie!!

So we had fun cutting hair last night!