Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shave and a Hair Cut

I decided to shave my head when my mom found out she had to do chemo. I don't care to list all the reasons on here of why I made my decision to do so, if you want to know them you can ask. I'll just say that I love my mom like crazy and I would do anything in the world to be supportive of her and help her out.

On Tuesday morning I sent my enlisted partner in crime (Jill) and we set to work!

Getting ready.....

My "butch" cut! 

We saved my hair and cut it as close to the scalp as possible so that I would be able to donate it all to Wigs For Kids. 
When we laid the first chunk down Gabriella grabbed it, started shaking it around (which made it fly everywhere), and started yelling, "Ooooooh! Brown hair mommy!!"

Time for the buzzers! 

Then we lathered up my head and got the razor out!

All done! Bald and proud!
Jill was awesome! If you ever need your head shaved and lots of laughs, give her a call!!

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