Friday, March 29, 2013

Fun Times Around Our House

With Xander and Gabriella being so sick, we spent most of last week and this week at home. We had fun but I was about to go stir crazy!!!

Gabriella figured out how to unlock and open our back door which meant she let Xander and herself outside to play on the back deck. She was doing a happy dance and Xander was running around squealing with excitement. 

Gabriella wanted to take a picture together "because we are just girls"

Xander was pretty fussy and just laid around most of the week. 

I asked Matt to clean up Xander and his high chair. So he stuck both of them in the bathtub....

Friday night was the annual carnival at Vineyard Christian School. 
Gramma, as usual, was manning the raffle ticket table. 

There were over 60 raffle items that were donated!

James got to come!
(Poor kid had gotten stitches a few days earlier from hitting his head on a bumper)

Aunt Linda won the cake walk 
(Jonathan won it twice!)

April having fun!

I got home and took off my capulana. Gabriella wrapped it around her head and said, "Look, I'm just Mary!" (she plays with our Little People nativity set a lot)

Silly girly!

Matt's car broke down and we finally got it towed home (it broke down on the way to hospital when Xander got admitted). Dad came over to help Matt take a look at it and the kids had fun crawling around in the car. 

Looks like dad is working really hard....

Helping daddy try and start it....

Playing out back while mommy was mowing the yard

Xander and Josie are great buddies!

Silly boy!

Me and Matt. I don't know what to say about this picture....

Silly Roo!

Aaaaaahhhh, Sunday night!

Silly girlie again

Xander having fun playing with the flashlight!

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