Thursday, April 25, 2013

Saturday Fun

Saturday we spent most of the day outside working in our garage and around the house. Here are some of the silly things we did!

Xander was trying to push the lawnmower while Gabriella was "fixing" it with one of Matt's screwdrivers she found. 

I took Xander for a ride on the hand-truck. 

Xander pushed Gabriella around in the stroller. 

Gabriella got out of the stroller and said, "Xander, now you get in!" 
So he did!
Then she took him for a ride. 

Then we watered some of the plants in the front yard. 

Xander loves to do anything he sees you doing.

Munch loves the water!

And after dinner the kids helped me with the laundry....

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  1. So cute:) Our boys used to Love getting rides on the hand-truck.