Friday, April 12, 2013

Gramma's Birthday!

We (finally) got to go see my mom yesterday, which was really nice because it was her birthday!

The weather was amazingly nice and we spent most of our visiting time outside.

Gabriella loves picking wildflowers!

Just crawling around on the front steps. My little man LOVES to be outside!

We found a baby frog in the garden.

Of course he ran right over to play with the car Grampa is fixing up. 

When Grampa Ace came outside Xander ran up and gave him a HUGE hug. Then he grabbed Grampa's walker and proceeded to march around the driveway pushing it for a good ten minutes. It was adorable!

Playing in the rocks

Grampa Ace and Uncle Lowell

Gabriella wanted to ride in the car with brother

little boys.....

Going for a ride in the wheelchair

Nap time!

After nap/rest time (we watched Arthur and the Invisibles with my mom) we headed outside again to "help" Grampa build the fire-pit he was making for mom's birthday. 

Gabriella was shoveling dirt into a pile and Xander was stomping it down. 

Xander loves to help

Helping Grampa shovel

All done! (mom called it a "Xander cage")
I think it turned out great and we are planning a hotdog roast on Saturday to try it out!

Xander got on the scooter all my himself. This picture was about 5 seconds before he tipped over sideways. 

Gabriella barely stayed awake 5 minutes in the car on the way home

Me and my sleepy head girly!

Such a fun day! It was so nice to be able to see mom and let the kids play with her. I am so thankful that we live so close to my parents and that we get to spend time with them. Growing up next door to my grandparents was awesome and I still have such a great relationship with them. I want my kiddos to be friends with their grandparents and for them to be involved in their lives. I loved the picture of Xander copying my dad shoveling because I am thankful for good role models for my kids to look up to and to want to be like!

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