Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Princess, A Rainbow and A Pressure Cooker

Fall has officially begun! We had a beautiful double rainbow a few days ago at our house. I love the fall!

On Saturday my mom and I went to the annual women's retreat that our church has. It was really fun! (minus breaking my toe, ouch!). We made crowns and I gave mine to Gabriella when I got home. 

A friend's bridal shower was on Sunday. We got to make a toilet paper wedding dress. Here is my friend Joy modeling our beautiful creation!

Sweet little princess in her princess dress Gramma gave her. 

Monday night I caught Xander out of his diaper and sitting in my pressure cooker! 

Of course Gabriella decided that she needed to do the same and stripped down before I could stop her. Immediately after the pictures both kids were reclothed and the pressure cooker was washed! Never a dull moment here, lol!

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