Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day Trip to Brookings

On Saturday we decided to head out of town and have some relaxing family time. Xander had never been to the beach/ocean before so we checked the weather report and then headed to Brookings.

Xander loved being buried in the sand

Me and my love!

 Gabriella enjoyed getting Xander covered in sand

Such a happy girl

Time for a rest

Happy boy!

In the ocean for the first time

I love how well they play together!

Mid-ballerina spin

She thought this was great fun but didn't enjoy getting all the sand scrubbed out of her hair later

Xander vs the sand

Kids and I all covered together. 

We had such a wonderful day. The weather was perfect (77 degrees), not a cloud in the skin, real light breeze, no fog. I think it is the best weather I have ever seen in Brookings. We had a great family time, lots of laughs and made some memories enjoying God's beauty!

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