Monday, September 30, 2013

Kid Time with Julia

Matt spent Monday -Thursday last week in Redding, California for work. Our friend Julia stayed with us to keep us company. On Wednesday we decided to head to Medford to check out Kid Time (check outtheir website here). The pictures are all a little blurry (I had to use my phone cuz I forgot my camera) but you get the idea. The kids (and us grown-ups) had a BLAST! We were there for 2 1/2 hours and time flew by!
Xander in a tent

Awesome water/rocks/dinosaur play area. 

The kids could turn on/off the water and move the rocks around. It was great fun!

Julia "driving" the scooper!

Ready for a haircut!

Gabriella was fascinated by the scales. You can see that Xander was trying to join in, lol!

Julia writing a very important letter!

Little boat captain!

Xander LOVED the little balls that were blown around by the wind. He sat up on this table for a long time playing with them and laughing. 

Julia's creation in the toolbox area. 

Xander in the scooping bucket. 

Construction worker Gabriella

Sharing some lunch!

Baking in the oven

After Kid Time we found out that Julia had never been to Chipotle so we headed there for lunch. 

Gabriella was super excited for a quesadilla! 

We also made a quick coupon trip through Target and got a little chocolate. I'm not sure how much of his Xander actually ate. 

Xander's favorite thing to do all week was sit with Julia and read books with her. So precious!

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