Friday, February 1, 2013

Delicious Dinner

Experimented a little bit with dinner tonight! I am so thankful that I am married to a man who is willing to eat anything once!!

I decided to try making stuffed chicken and some mashed cauliflower (instead of mashed potatoes)

I gathered all my ingredients and got ready...
Sliced spinach
Shredded Goat Cheese
Sliced Mushrooms
Nitrate-Free Bacon
Chicken Breast
Rice Flour
Dried Basil
Garlic Salt

I started by cooking the bacon in a frying pan on my stove-top. While it was cooking I cleaned the chicken and pounded it flat (I put it inside a large plastic bag and pounded it with a frying pan), then cleaned and sliced the veggies. 

After the bacon was done cooking I drained the grease off and put the bacon on a paper towel (to absorb more of the grease). I filled each chicken breast with the foods I had prepared (some with mushrooms and some without). 

Next I mixed the rice flour, basil and garlic salt  together in a shallow bowl. After the chicken was topped with veggies and meat, I folded it in half, fastened it closed with a toothpick or two, and then floured each side before setting it onto a cooling rack. 

I covered a cookie sheet with foil and then placed the cooling rack with the chicken on top and cooked it at 400 F for 55 minutes (until it was cooked thoroughly). 

While the chicken cooked I cleaned and boiled a whole head of cauliflower. Once it was fully cooked I drained off the water and mashed it up with a potato masher. I added a bit of goat milk, some garlic and salt. 

Yummmy!! A delicious dinner. It is fully gluten-free, dairy-free and loaded with veggies and nutrients!!

So easy and the kids loved it!

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