Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Make-Up Fun!

Ariella and I brought all our eye make-up over to mom's on Sunday and us girlies had some fun!!

Ariella did my and mom's eyes. She did rainbow eye shadow on me and then hand drew on some stars with liquid eyeliner. They turned out SO cool! I loved it!!

Gabriella did Auntie April's eye shadow
(Auntie April was a very good sport!)

Ariella after April gave her some eye shadow

Snow Princess April
(Ariella went a little crazy with the blue eyeliner!)

Xander showing off his owies. 
Jonathan said that Xander used rock make-up cuz he was so manly
(He had fallen down outside playing in the driveway and cut and bruised his face all up). 

It was so fun to do big, crazy eye shadow that we would never wear around town. We had some great laughs together!

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