Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gabriella Turns 3

We celebrated Gabriella's 3rd birthday on Saturday with my family. (Her real birthday is today).

Wearing her "Birthday Girl" shirt and having her hair up in a big girl ponytail!

Enjoying her free birthday drink from Dutch Brothers. 
(a strawberry-mango smoothie made with coconut milk)

She got to stay up from nap and play Candy Land with Gramma and James. 

After dinner ready to start opening presents

Xander trying out Gabriella's bike she got from Gramma and Grampa!

Playing with her new Polly Pocket set with James and Emma

The Tinkerbell cake that April and I decorated
(go Carol Squared!)

Jonathan snuck his knife in right as I was taking a picture....

I made it a polka-dot cake! 
(gluten-free too!)

Cake time!

All the kids eating cake

Birthday girl enjoying hers

Xander eating some


Gramma helping Gabriella learn how to ride her bike

Me and mom!\

We had a great party. It is so nice to get together with family and celebrate the life of someone. We are so blessed with Gabriella and so humbled that God chose us to raise her. We certainly have our work cut out for us, but we are so happy to watch her grow more and more everyday and to watch her continue to have such zest for life!

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