Monday, February 25, 2013

Vacation day 2

We woke up Friday morning, had breakfast with Meredith and then headed out to some thrift stores. Gabriella had a lot of fun trying on dresses with me at Goodwill in Beaverton.

It started raining pretty hard and getting in and out of the car wasn't very fun so we headed to a Gluten-Free Bakery called Tulas. 

The kids got to sit at a little table that was just their size. 
Gabriella picked out a chocolate chunk cupcake with coconut frosting. 

Xander very happily shared my pomegranate almond flax tart. 

Matt after his "Lava Roll"

Gabriella showing me she ate all her cupcake. 

Then we were off to go see our friends, The Agnews!

Xander and Victory played together so well! It was cute. They kept kissing or patting each other. 

The kids in their swimsuits ready to go for a swim in the hotel pool!

Gabriella ready to go

Xander trying to climb up the chairs

Xander and daddy in the pool

Ryan and Victory. 
(it was her first time in a swimming pool)

Me and Roo

Victory having fun!

The pool was freezing so we tried the hot-tub. Normally I would never take my kids in one, but it was actually barely warmer than a bath so we had a lot of fun playing in it. 

Emily was feeling a little under the weather so we took a rest back in the room. 
My kids obviously love her!

Fun play time in the pack n play.

Emily and I made a quick trip to Fabric Depot. 1 1/2 acres of fabric!! Yowza!! We could have stayed there all day! Plus it was awesome of the guys to keep all the kiddos so we could have some mommy time. 

Friday was a lot of fun. It was so great to see our friends and watch our kids play together. We can't wait to get together again!!

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