Friday, May 3, 2013

Afternoon Fun

After a quick lunch the kids and I headed over to visit my Grampa Ace at his new memory care facility home. (Yesterday I had the kids color pictures for him)

This is Gabriella's picture. I helped her with the mouths, but she drew everything else by herself! 

Xander had a lot of fun drawing his picture. It was a good thing I had him draw it yesterday because he drooled all over it and I had to let it dry!

Gabriella was all ready to go. 
"I look just like a little momma in my hat!"

Grampa and Gabriella having a little chat together while they watched the lawn get mowed. Grampa asked Gabriella if she was enjoying sitting in her little car (its his walker with a seat on it). 

On the way home we stopped at Dutch Bros to support the MDA fundraiser today (and to cool off! It was really hot running around playing outside!)
This was Xander's first time getting juice (normally he gets water). His eyes got HUGE when I handed him the cup with a dollop of whipped cream on the top. 

Gabriella was thoroughly enjoying her strawberry mango smoothie. Both kids downed their drinks!

Mmmmmmm! I was good and got an iced tea. 
I LOVE ice tea!!

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