Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just a few Normal Days

Sunday we finally made it to church (we've had a rough couple weeks). Gabriella wore my mom's vest most of the time. 

Sunday night Xander put on a Dora pull-up like Gabriella had on. It was so cute! They ran around the house together with Gabriella yelling, "we are twinsies!"

Gabriella was very happy to wake up Monday morning and see that daddy was still home! 

Matt working on networking all my computers (for couponing!). Xander was "helping" him. 

My two favorite kiddos!!

Gabriella is still having fun playing with her flags she got at the parade Saturday. 

Matt put Josie into the kids' stroller. They were very excited to take her for a ride.

Xander pushing her around. 

He kept stopping to pet her. It was so cute!! 

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