Thursday, May 16, 2013

Last Chemo and a Hair Cut

Yesterday was mom's last chemo! She will still have to have regular check-ups, but no scheduled scans or other treatments (besides removing her chemo port). Praise Jesus!!

Jonathan stopped by on his lunch break and we had a nice visit. 

Mom and I watching tv together and sharing headphones. And having some good laughs. We laugh a lot while we are there. 

Mom is all done (doesn't she look amazing?!) and holding her graduation scepter she got. 

The kids were super happy to see me when I met the Scott family to pick them up
(the Scotts were awesome and watched both my kids all day with less than 24 hours notice!)

We went in and played on my bed. The kids smothered me!! 

When Matt got home it was time for him to get a haircut. 
He had fun trimming it up before I came in to check on him. 
His hair finally thinned out enough that was time to buzz (thanks, Grampa Martin!) 

I had a little fun before we got started ;)

Look, we're twinsies, LOL!

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