Friday, May 17, 2013

Healthy Couponing?

Our family has been gluten free and legume free (and mostly dairy free) for 2 1/2 years now. We have also been actively avoiding GMO ingredients for a year. When I started couponing 13 months ago it was hard for me to find good deals on healthy foods. Sure, I could have stocked up like crazy on $.25 cent boxes of Hamburger Helper and HFCS loaded fruit snacks, but I had no intention of feeding that to my family.

I feel like now I have a good handle on couponing healthy and organic foods. We are able to eat very good quality foods, on a budget, and use coupons. Today I shopped at Safeway and Fred Meyer and I wanted to  walk you through how I got the real food and items that I purchased.

All of these items would regularly cost you $77.40
I walked out of the stores paying only $34.24 (46% of the regular cost, that's 54% savings!, would have been a higher savings percentage without the chicken included (64%) but saving anything off organic meat is a great deal!!)

This organic chicken was $6.14
Fred Meyer's Website has digital coupons you can upload to your rewards card. They automatically deduct when you enter your rewards number at the cash register (note: these digital coupons are manufacturer's coupons and you cannot combine a printed one with it)
I had a $1 off digital coupon making the chicken $5.14
* I buy boneless skinless chicken thighs, they are half the price per pound that breast is and cook up just the same*

Santa Cruz organic lemonades were on sale in the store. They are normally $2.89 each, but since it is the Founder's Day Weekend Sale, they were on sale 4 for $5, no coupons needed!

Fred Meyer also had all their Seventh Generation products 40% off! That would be great prices without coupons!!
The laundry soap (which I will be using for Xander's cloth diapers) is normally $15.99 with the 40% off it made it $9.59 (the soap I normally buy for his diapers is $11.99 for the same size box)
The fabric softeners were regularly $5.29, so $3.17 each after the sale
I had two coupons for $1.50 off two cleaning items 
The sanitary pads were normally $4.69, so $2.81 after the sale
I had two coupons for $1.50 off any 1 personal care item
What normally would have cost me $41.24, I walked away paying only $18.72!!

Safeway has a digital card program as well (see here to get started)
Their Organic salad mixes are normally $4.99
My Personalized price was $3.99 each
Plus I had added a $1 off digital coupon that deducted when I entered my card number at the cash register. 
Final Price = $2.99

These were normally $4.99 each at Safeway
A personalized price for these for me was $2.99 each
I had two $.50 off coupons, plus I used a doubler (Safeway has a doubler coupon that can be used to double (up to $.50) four manufacturer's coupons), so I saved $2
Plus I used the ibotta app (my referal link is here) to get $1 off
And I used the Endorse app (here) to save 10% on baby food
So what would have cost me $9.98, I walked away paying only $2.39 

So, you may have to look a little harder to find organic and healthy food coupons, but waiting to pair them up with sales makes for killer deals on foods that won't kill you ;)

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