Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

Gabriella had a weird rash on her so we didn't get to go to church or my mom's on Mother's Day :( 
Our house was being shown at 11 so after a couponing trip by myself (woo hoo!), we headed to the park. 

Made $1.96 profit by getting all this!!

Xander's first time playing at the park when he was big enough to actually play. 

Crazy hair on the tube slide

Pretty Munchie

a GIANT leaf we found

Matt's new friends!!

Xander and the geese

Waving good bye to the geese and baby geese

Matt having fun with the geese

Matt having some more fun on the monkey bars

Waiting in line at Dutch Brothers

Silly Roo!

My loves!

Silly kids!

Silly girlie

Matt made me this for Mother's Day

Headed out for an evening walk
Gabriella said, "We are sharing!"

Gabriella had a really bad wipe-out while we were walking

Xander was being silly and biting his stuffed animal to try and cheer Gabriella up (she spent most of the evening in tears)

A teary-eyed smile for Xander

Her elbow

and knee on Monday. We had to take her to the dr and to get an x-ray and it came back with no breaks (praise, Jesus!) just a really bad bone bruise. 

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