Sunday, June 9, 2013

Family Campout!

We finally got to have our first family vacation and camping trip of the year! It was so fun and relaxing!!!

Xander was "helping" me pack

We headed over to Valley of the Rogue State Park (woohoo, only a 15 minute drive from GP!) and took dinner with us. After we got dinner eaten and cleaned up we headed for a walk on the Rogue River walking trail. 

Friday the kids didn't fall asleep until 11:30pm and woke up at 5:30 am! Yikes!!

Matt took the kids down to the river in their jammies while mom and I got breakfast going. 

Brave girl going in the water with daddy!

After breakfast we played a little game. 

Mom, Gabriella and I played cards while the guys all ran to a few yard sales. 

It was SO hot!! Gabriella sweated it out in the tent for about 20 minutes at nap time before she woke up crying. She cried for about 40 minutes after she woke up saying over and over, "I just don't know what the matter is!"

A wet scarf on her head and a brownie made her cheer up!

Xander's creepy eye half open while he sleeps!

Dad trying to cool off with a wet scarf. 

Matt took Xander in the airconditioned trailer to try and sleep. We went in a couple hours later to get a snack and Matt opened his eye at us. Gabriella immediately ran over, patted him on the arm and said very quietly and sweetly, "It's okay daddy, just go back to sleep."

Love this silly face!

Xander trying to take Josie for a walk. 

Love this crazy boy!!

Carol  Squared!!

This might just be my new favorite picture!


Daddy and Xander!

Silly girls!!

Roasting her first marshmallow


Gabriella picked Ariella to brush her teeth. 

Saturday night the kids crashed out so quick! Gabriella actually told Matt to stop talking to her because she was tired and wanted to sleep!

Sleepy girl!

Xander crashed out after some milky. 

Xander going crazy in the tent in the morning (he slept til 8:30, yay!) and Gabriella still sound asleep. 

Just wearing Ariella's glasses. 

Having a morning snack

Gabriella after Ariella did her make-up!

Silly cousins!

We decided to leave camp early and head to my parent's house for lunch and swimming (we were tired of sweating so much the day before!!)

Gabriella ready to get in the pool!


Swimming in the turtle floaty!

Both kids crashed out about 4 miles down the road on the way home. 

We had such a great weekend and a fun trip! I sure love my family!!

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