Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Fun!

Friday we had a lazy day around the house. Gabriella was in a very silly mood during the morning!

Xander was being such a chow hound!! The boy loves to eat!!

All smiles!!
(yes, we ate pretzels twice during the day!)

Finally asleep on Ned! 

Saturday morning Matt let Xander try coffee for the first time. As Gabriella did, he loved it!

Shopping with daddy

I was SO bad and shared one of Costco's amazing ice cream bars with Gabriella. Ugh! It was SO delicious, but I paid for it later when my tummy was all upset. 

Helping daddy drive in the gas lane at Costco. 

Sunday on our way home from church. I was getting a headache from my wig so I took it off. I'm in that all fuzzy short stage. 

Mom and I made black bean burgers for lunch. We liked the texture, but both of us agreed that we needed to try different seasonings in it next time. 

I needed to trim my hair a bit so I let Munchie try out using the buzzsers. She used them for about 10 seconds (I was surprised Matt managed to capture a picture of it) before asking my mom to "Take it please Gramma! It is making my hands all tickley!"

After a buzz we hit the pool! (Ariella and I had a blast! My parents set it up on Friday and it was pretty cold! But we had some good laughs and even made up a synchronized swimming routine like old times!)

Xander woke up from his nap and Matt finally convinced Gabriella to get in so we played around for a little bit with the kids. 

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