Monday, June 17, 2013

Yard Sale

Friday afternoon the kids and I started setting up for our annual summer yard sale. 
Xander was trying to push a table after watching me move them around. I love how he just went for it!

Playing with a pair of great-grampa's old and broken glasses!

How much I got done Friday before Matt even got home! Setting up, running and cleaning up a yard sale is a lot of work!

Gabriella trying out Papa Don's old Ab exerciser on Saturday morning. We had SO MANY people show up an hour before we even opened!! It was crazy!

We had to load up the truck and return the tables to the church and drop off our leftovers to a thrift store. Gabriella was riding on Matt's lap. When we stopped for him to pick up one of our yard sale signs he set her on Xander's lap. Xander didn't even budge. He just sucked his thumb while she sat on him and giggled. 

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