Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013

This Father's Day was a little different than others. Matt's first Father's Day without his dad :(

We met up with his bro, Zac and his wife and all our kiddos and headed up to Papa Don's favorite camping/hunting spot. It was a LONG drive...... and unfortunately Gabriella and I both get car sick so we were driving very slowly. But, we finally made it!
Xander eating some lunch in the car

Zac made a memorial cross and the guys took turns digging a hole to put it in while the boys watched. 

Levi was filling in the dirt around the cross and the kids all helped get rocks to put around the base to help hold it in place. 

Zac and Matt also got a can of Don's fav beer, a pack a cigarettes, Noah added an American flag, Ely and Gabriella picked some yellow flowers and Matt and Xander found the rhododendrons to leave. It turned out really nice. 

Matt talking to the kids about Papa Don. 

I can see why he liked it up here so much. It was so beautiful!

The kids had a snack and a juice box while Matt and Zac took a little walk. 

Xander has only seen Levi a handful of times, but he sure was snuggling up with him today. It was so cute!! 

The kids crashed out about 5 minutes down the mountain and Matt and I had a really nice talk. 

The kids woke up fussy when we got on the freeway so we decided to make an icecream run!

Gabriella was giving hers kisses, lol!

Xander's first ice cream cone!

The kids were crazy sticky when we got home so we turned on the sprinkler. They had fun playing in it with Matt!

After dinner and a bath, the kids were in their jammies and discovered a fun new way to play with daddy! 

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