Friday, April 18, 2014

Foster Training

We spent the last week (3 hours a night on Monday - Thursday and 6 hours a day on Friday - Saturday) doing our Washington State foster parent pre service training.
Phew! It was a LOT of driving and a lot of information. 
Matt and I are both so excited for this next stage in our lives. Both of us have wanted to do foster care and adopt children since we were first married and it is such a fun time to see our dreams beginning to come to life!
Right before our first class started

Right after our last class!
We have some work to do to get our apartment ready and able to pass the homestudy inspection. Washington state requires a LOT of safety features (all medicines including vitamins be locked up, every outlet covered, smoke detectors in every room, large fire extinguisher, window fire escape ladders, etc.).
The age group we are looking at is under 3 so the child will not be older than Gabriella. That means we have to get a carseat that can be for an infant and a toddler, and a bed that is convertible as well since we don't know for sure what age the children will be when they arrive. We will be having just one foster child for now and both of our kids are very excited about having another kid come live with us. Gabriella keeps saying that the new girl can share her bed with her. So sweet! 

I made up a "wish list" of things that we need to get in the next month so that we are ready. We have to have all these things so that we can pass our home inspection. If you feel so led, and would like to help us get our home ready, here are the things that we need.

You can send things to our address. If you don't have it, give me a call or email me at:

Please keep us and our kiddos in your prayers as we submit our applications, take our CPR/First Aid/Blood Born Pathogens class, have our home study and get our first placement! We are looking forward to loving on some kids and their parents!


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