Monday, May 26, 2014

White River Disc Golf

This morning we went and tried out the White River Disc Golf Course in Auburn, Washington.  

It was 18 holes and most of it was wooded but pretty flat. Much more level ground than the Lake Fenwick course we did in April.The kids had fun (as usual) throwing their frisbees around and running through the bushes. 

 We also spotted a hummingbird and a snail.

What happens when you bang rocks together in your hands? You squish your thumb :(

 We packed a picnic lunch and Xander wandered around eating his sandwich.

Gabriella found a large stick and had fun whacking at the bushes with it.

Of course Xander got tired (18 holes is a lot to walk when you are 2) and got little lift from daddy.

On the 10th hole we found a carved Seahawks head in the woods. I took a picture to show my grampa.

 And, we spotted a heron in the pond by our apartment when we got home!

The course overall was pretty fun. The holes were easy to find and they had two different spots to tee off on each course. We will definitely be back!

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