Monday, March 10, 2014

Beach Trip!

Last weekend we were all in need of a trip out of town! We were all burned out from moving and the kids were so emotional that I decided it was time for some fresh air, laughter and fun!

So..... up at 6 am and in the car to head towards Whidbey Island and a beach. We went to the beach at Oak Harbor.

Xander was very cautious around the water.

Gabriella on the other hand, wanted her shoes off and headed right in.

Matt and the kids (mostly he and Xander) had a lot of fun climbing around on large driftwood logs.

They were a good 10 feet off the ground up there.

Gabriella started singing "Deep and Wide" while she was in the water. I was very blessed watching/listening to her sing. The ocean always inspires worship within me too.

"Come on, mommy, let's just go out some more!"
She was loving the water!

Sandy toes!

After we dried off and got all the sand rinsed off us with water from sippy cups..... we headed 20 miles south to Fort Casey.
Gabriella was very excited for Admiralty Head Lighthouse and we headed over to check it out.
Surprisingly it was the first day of the tourist season (March 1st) so we were the first people to get to go up in the very top of the lighthouse since last year. They even let the kids go up!

View from the top of the lighthouse

The windy stairs and ladders we crawled up.

Such a beautiful view of the Sound

Gabriella and I went in to use the bathroom and came out to find the boys had climbed up on the roof of the building and we laughing at us when we came out!
I love how fun of a parent Matt is!

Checking out the big gun with daddy

Ready to go!

"No, Daddy!!"

Sitting together in a little window we found.

Family picture!
The kids were very tired and we were a LONG way from the car. So we both carried one of them back on our shoulders.

We found a steep hill and Gabriella had fun scooting down it. Her pants did not recover from the mud, but she had a blast!
In this shot she is trying to help Xander scoot down too.

Sunshine and a beautiful blue sky peeking through!

Lunch time!
We had packed a picnic from home and Xander practically inhaled his food.

Gabriella with her sandwich. She insisted she wanted kale on it and gobbled it up!

Mmmmm! Me and my kale sandwich! Delicious!

The naval museum we passed on the way home.

View of the Sound driving through Deception Pass State Park

So beautiful!
It had snowed in the morning and then on our way home it started raining. We had perfect weather!

View from driving over Deception Pass.

Kiddos all tuckered out on the way home!

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