Monday, January 13, 2014

Who I am

I have had a lot of personal attacks in the last couple of years. Attacks that were aimed at my heart, with hurtful and biting words that were full of hatred and anger. I spent days in the house, refusing to leave because I didn't want to run into someone in the store who had verbally attacked me. I spent hours in tears with God, searching my soul and my heart. Then I found myself, got up and begin to move in peace.

Right now, I love the person I am and I look forward to the person I am going to become. But this is who I am now....

I am NOT a judgmental person. If you think that I am, then you don't really know me.

I am a dreamer, a schemer and a believer.

I love laughter. I love hugging and I love physical contact. Yes, we have nights where both our kids and the dog are sleeping in bed with us.

I am a homemaker (something I never dreamed I would be). I am a homeschooling mommy. I breastfed my second kiddo until he was 22 months.

I am a warrior and a defender. I view myself as Gandalf in The Fellowship of the Rings when he is holding back the Balrog.

I will ALWAYS stand up for what I believe in. I will ALWAYS defend someone I see being attacked. And I will ALWAYS stand up for what is right. 

I am a researcher, a planner, an experimenter. I never make a decision without weighing both sides.

I don't feel the need to justify myself or my choices, to anyone. When Jesus stood, knowing He was facing crucifixion, He did not say a word in His defense. 

I am not a name caller. I don't assume things about people and I don't think poorly of others for making different decisions than me. 

I am a lover. I am confident in who I am and I am strong enough to say "no" to relationships that are disrespectful towards me. 

I am a national champion in collegiate rowing. I am a world traveler. I am an "infertile" mother. 

I am supportive, dependable and loyal to the end. 

I am a daughter. I know who my dad and who my Father are. I know that I am loved, encouraged, prayed for, supported and cared for. I also have a peace that cannot be taken from me. 

You don't have to love me or like me. But if you want to be around me, then you do have to respect me. 

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